• We dwell in the need to make
    and remake beauty out of ruin.

    New Nonfiction: A Woven World
  • during my darkest grief the forest
    was like an open sea birch trees
    the beacon I used to steady my position

    my brain felt at home among
    saplings that tangle seeking light
    that part of the soul Aristotle thought

    we held in common with plants

    New Poetry: Stairway to Heaven
  • The man gathers rope every summer
    off the stone beaches of the North.
    There is no sand in this place
    where the Labrador Current runs
    like an artery through the body of the Atlantic,
    channeling particles that once were glacial ice
    and now are molecules making
    not one promise to anyone.

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  • It's beautiful to think that trees have consciousness,
    can feel their wood thicken, and, as the sun migrates
    south, how the limbs redirect their reaching,
    effortless and slow, their movement visible only in the form.

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  • Rocks have the oldest knowledge on earth, rivers have
    the oldest names and determine where the cities shall be built
    and what shall be their shapes.

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  • What it takes to dazzle us, masters of dazzle,
    all of us here together at the top of the world,
    is a night without neon or mercury lamps . . .

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A Woven World: On Fashion, Fishermen & The Sardine Dress, Counterpoint Press 2021

Part memoir, part elegy, part cultural history, A Woven World celebrates the fading crafts, cottage industries, and artisans that have defined communities for generations.



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