Brazilian Notebook: Vaqueros, Cordelistas & Repentistas

CordelistaMay 18, 2012

First of all, do not leave your purse on the floor or ground. If you do, a waiter will pick it up, bring over an extra chair and park the purse in it. Some say this is superstition: your money will bleed out into the ground. Some say it’s security: a thief will grab it from under your feet. Someone said it’s hygiene, so you don’t pick up crud from the street and press it close to your body.

Second, the lumpy green fruit is the cherimoya, a.k.a. “the count’s fruit” and custard apple. External and internal appearance are not promising. The skin has no glow, no smooth cheek to stroke. Dragon warts all over it. Open it to find a pasty ivory custard with huge seeds like black olives. Scoop, suck, pick, slurp. Plum passion fruit mango coconut taste all run together like ink in the rain.

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