New Poetry

“Field Studies,” “Written in the Dark,” and “The Shut-Off Weir,” forthcoming, Alaska Quarterly Review

“Wild Apples,”  “National Forest,” and “Whitewater Draw” Navigations: A Place for Peace issue of About Place Journal

“Kinship with Trees and Crows” Plant-Human Quarterly, July 2021

“The Bog” and “Views of Nature” Kenyon Review, March/April 2021

“Letter to 2050” Scientific American, January 2021

“Territory Drive”, Letter to America Series

“The Dioramas” Fractured Ecologies, ed. Chad Weidner, Agger, Denmark: EyeCorner Press, 2020

“Neil Armstrong’s Heart” and “Dear Moon” Giant Steps: Fifty Poets on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and Beyond, ed. Paul Munden and Shane Strange, Canberra, Australia: Recent Work Press, 2019

“Two Poems in Memory of Merwin: The Trowel and The Leaf” Kenyon Review online, 2019,

“Galapagos” New England Review, 39.1, 2018

“The Gardener’s Creed” forthcoming in An Island in the Stream: Ecocritical and Literary Responses to Cuban Environmental Culture, Lexington Books. 2018

“Castalia” Green Linden Press, Issue 1

“Golden Pomegranate” Edible Baja Arizona Magazine in photo essay “Sonoran Desert Musings” By Adela Licona

“Afterlife” for Rafe Sagarin, Shenandoah Magazine Blog, July 2015

“Morning in the Lung” September 3, 2014 : A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments

“Stairway to Heaven” January 24, 2014 : Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day

“Chauvet” July/August 2012 : Orion

“Mosquitoes” May-June 2012 : American Scientist

“The Toothbrush” January 2011 : For Steve Orlen (1942 – 2010)

“Pandora on Prozac,” “Specimens Collected at the Clearcut,” and “Glooscap in Wolfville” with audio Fall 2009 : A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments

“To Orpheus, If You Had Been My Brother…,” “Eurydice,” and “Zeus” February 2007

“Persephone Speaks” September 1, 2006 : Kore Press Blog, Persephone Speaks

“The Andrews Forest Quartet” Spring 2006 : HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Writers-in-Residence Program [more info]

New Prose

“The Sardine Dress” Literary Hub, August 25, 2021

“Silk” The Georgia Review, Summer 2021,

“The Stone Weirs,” Carbon Copy: Climate Science + Literary Arts, ed. Lawrence Lenhart, Fall 2019,

Invasive Beauty,” The Georgia Review, Spring 2019,

“A Portrait in Five Portraits,” Meridel Le Sueur Essay, Water~Stone, Winter 2018,

“Spill Stories: Drag Racing to the End of the World,”, 2018  https//

“Driving the Cadillac to Valhalla,” Arkansas International, 2018 https://www/

“On Borders, North and South,” High Country News, September, 19, 2016

“The House Built of Herring,” Prairie Schooner, Winter 2016

“Coming Home to Earth: What Purse Seines, Pumpjacks, and a Twitter Feed from Space Taught one Worried Citizen about the Beauty of Climate Change in 2016” The Georgia Review, Summer 2016

“The Cheetah Run” July 6, 2014 : A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments

“Curatorial Commentary” 2013 : The Language of Conservation: Poetry in Library and Zoo Collaborations (Poets House)

Ruin and Renewal January 2013 : A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments

Brazilian Notebook Summer 2012 : A Blog Series on

People, Habitat, Poetry: The University of Arizona Poetry Center 2011 : Blueprints: Bringing Poetry to Communities (The University of Utah Press and The Poetry Foundation)

“Culture, Biology, and Emergence” : An Excerpt Spring 2009 : The Georgia Review (Special Issue)

“The Future of Environmental Essay” Summer/Fall 2008 : A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments [Alison’s Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference presentation—along with David Gessner, David Rothenberg, and Lauret Savoy—with audio excerpt]

“Brief Encounter on the Savanna” Summer 2008: OnEarth [and listen to podcast and interview: “What Nature Teaches — If We Listen”]

“Cormorant,” “My Cat Jeffrey,” and “Dogtags” February 2007 : Forthcoming in Zoologies

“The Owl, Spotted” Fall 2006 : OnEarth [more info]