Book tour, Nevada Museum of Art & Elliott Bay

Book tour has continued with the triennial Art & Environment Conference at the stellar Nevada Museum of Art. This gathering offers a pinnacle of inventive and collaborative art projects related to environmental concerns. Among the inspirational artists there was the stunning Petah Coyne.

Detail from Petah Coyne installation

Detail from Petah Coyne installation

Collaboration and field work were hallmarks of much of this work and I recommend exploration of artists David Brooks and Maya Lin, for starters, to feel encouraged about the talents being brought to bear to raise attention, conscience and action–“art that walks in the world,” as Bill Fox calls it. With great gratitude to Bill and his colleagues at the museum for the brilliant work in spurring this gathering.

Yesterday I read at the legendary Elliott Bay Book Company. A truly great book store filled with books and book lovers and coffee drinking readers. Great to reconnect with old friends there Sarah & Shelly & meet new ones. People always bring animal stories to these events. I was moved to learn about concerns here in Seattle for the elephants in the local zoo. Elephants in captivity so often carry great burdens of sadness. But, even more vexing, is that elephants in the wild carry perhaps even greater burdens of violence. It seems they may be the most beloved and most tormented creatures with whom we currently cohabit the planet. I learned also about the Mfubu Lodge and Gallery in South Africa on the edge on the Kruger National Park, a sanctuary for animals and people alike, all of whom need the solace of protected places.

Thank you, friends along the road for welcoming me and Zoologies. On to Olympia for reading 7 PM October 13 at Orca Books then Portland for reading 7 PM October 15 at Annie Bloom’s.